8.30 am Service;  The type of service varies. Most use the Book of Common Prayer and the service lasts about 30 minutes and is conducted  without hymns. Some services at Shereford instead use the booklet " Common Worship "  ( indicated by an asterisk ). 

10.30 am Morning Service;  Uses liturgy with hymns, lasting up to an hour. 

10.30 am Communion Service;  Uses contemporary ( " Common Worship " ) liturgy, with hymns, lasting about one hour. At Communion, young and old, whatever religious conviction, are welcome to come to the altar rail for a blessing. Those already Confirmed or who receive Communion at another place of worship, are welcome to receive the bread and wine. If you wish to consider becoming Confirmed ( confirming the vows said for you as a child at your christening / infant baptism ), please contact the Rector.

Family Service;   Held occasionally at Whissonsett, lasts  about 30 minutes with guitar - led hymns and songs, providing a good introduction for children, families and anyone who appreciates a touch of informality:

Leadership of services is shared between the Rector Revd. Robin Stapleford, Benefice Reader Richard Hirst and local retired clergy, with lay involvement.




Service times at the various churches can be found in

the Upper Wensum Diary